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About Heller Deer Farm

Heller Deer Farm - South Texas Whitetail Genetics

Heller Deer Farm started with the Love and Passion for deer. As a family the Heller’s have a passion for caring and raising whitetail deer.

Heller Deer Farm is located 1.5 hours southeast of San Antonio in Yoakum, Texas. Heller Deer Farm has been raising quality pure south Texas genetics with a closed herd from Marty Berry of Berry Whitetails since 2003.

Heller Deer Farm strives to offer quality south Texas genetics for ranches and deer breeders with affordability.

Starting in 2003 under scientific breeder #2031, Heller Deer Farm began with two primary rules when starting its breeding operation: quality not quantity and only pure south Texas deer. We continue to adhere to these rules today.